Building A House + President Once More (June Was About My ‘Why’)

What is your why?

Building A House + President Once More (June Was About My ‘Why’)

My business coach talks about how everyone should know their ‘why’ – their reason for doing what they do. In fact, we had one of our yearly retreats in June and did a lot of mindset work. I really came back with great clarity around some decisions in my business. The concept of ‘why’ also played a huge role during this month for me. 

My son has always been my ‘why.’ I opened the business in 2005 so I could enjoy a flexible schedule, be there for him as much as I could, and still do the work I loved and wanted to do. 

He was six years old the first time I took on the role of President for the Suffolk County Women’s Bar Association. On June 10th, I was installed once again in that same role; my son is now fifteen years old and taller than me. The time went quickly, the business has grown, our lives have changed, but my ‘why’ has always been the same. 

My installation speech was on the ‘why’ and especially why do we say yes? Why did I say yes to this role? Why does the WBASNY do what we do?

I believe in this organization and for 20 years, have been a part of it in some capacity. I was happy to step up and continue to work for women.

“The mission is to promote the advancement of the status of women in society and of women in the legal profession; to promote the fair and equal administration of justice; and to act as a unified voice for its members with respect to issues of statewide, national and international significance to women generally and to women attorneys in particular.” 

But it is much more than that, it’s about true dedication to making life better for women. At a time when the world is finally speaking up and working on much-needed changes for women in a variety of industries, I’m proud to be a part of that change. Community work is very important to me and it leads me to another great event Sugarman Law held this past month. 

June was our Habitat for Humanity of Suffolk County build in partnership with Lora Rosenthal and her company, Touchdown Abstract. We had 16 volunteers come out ranging from clients, friends, family and colleagues for a truly incredible day. 

We were able to begin rehab on a foreclosed home and significantly transform it in about four hours. Lora was on the roof removing old shingles, as I was ripping out nails from the sheetrock and removing the old electrical wires on the first floor. Others were mowing the waist-high weeds and bringing the property back to life. The Habitat personnel, construction manager and team were able to give us tasks we could perform without any detailed experience.

It was such a fulfilling day and we are still accepting donations if you want to help. You can mail them to my office (address below).

While June was full of community work, of course, legal work is what I do day-to-day and a few new laws passed recently in New York I wanted to share:

-The Senate and both houses passed the Equal Rights Amendment (ERA). It has been sent to the governor for signing. “The ERA would amend the New York State Constitution to prohibit the denial of equal rights on the basis of sex, guaranteeing the equal rights of men and women.”

-New landlord/tenant laws have taken effect immediately. Two very important changes include the timing of demands for past due rent (written demand with at least 14 days notice vs. prior just 3 day demand); and the service of notice of petition and petition in summary proceeds is now no less than 10 days but not more than 17 days prior to the court date (previously 5 and 12 days). There are many others, too numerous to mention, so please be aware that these new changes may affect you.